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Blueprint 2000
Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

Southern Landscape Professionals, Inc. was a proud participant in the Better Homes and Gardens Blueprint 2000 show home located in Chapel HIll, North Carolina.  We worked with senior editors at the magazine as well as custom home builder Dixon/Kirby & Company, Inc. to create an outdoor environment most fitting for "tomorrow's home."Better Homes and Garden Blueprint 2000 Home

Better Homes and Gardens polled their readers to find out what features would be most desirable in a home built for the new century.  The common theme from readers was low-maintenance, flexibility and comfortable living.  To that end, we used our creativity to create a natural blend between the home and its outdoor environment.  We also carefully selected plants that would work well not only for the new homeowners, but for the photography angles used in the magazine layout.

The staff at Better Homes and Gardens impressed upon us their appreciation for our high-quality design and our hands-on attention to its customers' needs.  In addition, Mark W. Kirby of Dixon/Kirby & Company, Inc. said the following...

"What impresses is neither its expansiveness nor its complexity. It is rather, a feeling that everything belongs.  That things are neither overdone nor underdone."

Better Homes and Gardens Blueprint 2000 Home   
At the back of the home, the soothing and tranquil pond is surrounded by carefully selected plants to create a welcoming outdoor feeling just off the trellis-topped courtyard area.  Situated steps from the kitchen door, this area makes for a very pleasing environment for entertaining friends or the enjoyment of a quiet family patio meal.

Following completion of the project we learned that the magazine decided to partially shift the focus of the editorial coverage to reflect more of the exterior of the home than was originally planned.  It was an honor to know that we had not only met our own personal goals for this project, but exceeded the expectations of those with whom we worked.

This project was also featured in NC State Alumni Magazine.  Three of the participants in this program house, Brian Dixon of Dixon/Kirby & Company, Inc.; Bill Adams, Jr. of Southern Landscape Professionals, Inc.; and Rex Pace of the Center for Universal Design all graduated from North Carolina State University.


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