Seed and Sod Lawn Installation

Seed and Sod
Southern Landscape Professionals offers both seeding and sodding for establishing your lawn. We begin by consulting with you to select the type of grass that best meets the personal needs of your family or business as well as the conditions of your specific property.

Seed and Sold Lawn InstallationDeciding on seed or sod involves a number of considerations. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each grass type and method of installation such as cost, establishment time, potential soil incompatibility problems, seasonal issues, and potential for weed invasion. We also take into consideration any erosion or drainage concerns that may have an impact on the success of establishing your lawn.

Our experienced crew will plan and install the type of lawn you select. When planting is done properly, the end result should be a healthy lawn whether seeding or sodding is used.

Timing is critical to assure success when seeding lawns. Newly seeded grasses must receive adequate moisture to assure germination and early seedling survival.

When sodding is selected, we use only quality sod that has been freshly cut right from our very own sod farm division, SODCO. New sod should be watered thoroughly after installation, and then frequently until the sod is established.    
We are members of the
Turfgrass Council of North Carolina as well as Turfgrass Producers International. Our family of trained trained experts will advise you on watering procedures for your area. In addition, we will advise on proper maintenance once your new lawn has been established.




Southern Landscape Professionals and SODCO have the experience
and dedication to deliver beautiful lawns.

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